Food Preservation Class


Do you want to preserve food but aren't sure how?  This two hour class covers the basics of several types of preserving, including dehydrating, canning, freeze drying, freezing, and vacuum sealing.  

This classes teaches from safe and trusted sources so you can make educated decisions about preserving food for your family.

The class is taught by Cari Dunn, author of several books and three blogs about natural living and sustainability.  Her blog Homesteading in Ohio features content about food preservation, rural living, animals, and being self sufficient.  

Cost is $10 per person.  You can pay with Paypal, Venmo, or a card below.  You can also email us to reserve your spot and pay cash.

The class is May 17 from 6 pm to 8 pm.  Classes meet at the Community Center at 148 South Milton Street, Smithville.  

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